Is your swimwear designed to withstand the water with the same tenacity as you? XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fiber provides up to 10 times more resistance to chlorinated pool water than ordinary spandex. It also resists degradation from perspiration and oils that may be found in suntan lotions.

Swimsuits with Black XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fiber offer the same degree of protection while enabling darker, richer colors and blacker blacks. And for figure-flattering shaping, LYCRA® BEAUTY fabric for swimwear meets the same standards as XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fiber, as well as additional standards for shapewear.

Whether for competitive swimming or for long days at the beach, XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fiber is the all-embracing solution for a beautiful, long-lasting fit.

LYCRA® is a trademark of INVISTA.